HomefieldtwinroomThe TWIN BEDROOM at the front has one high single bed and the second single bed has a third underneath plus a Parker Knoll chair. 


All the mattresses and pillows have protectors.

The beds are provided with duvets and there are spare blankets in the unlikely event they are needed.  It is a good sized room and there is a range of fitted wardrobes with a mirror and a hairdryer.

Towels are provided for each guest.

Here are stored a good selection of games and passtimes.



The DOUBLE BEDROOM, also at the front has a high double bed.  It is a large room and there are numerous drawers and wardrobes. The central light is also a ceiling fan. 

Together with a large comfortable easy chair and the option of a TV with freeview there is
an over the bed hospital style table, desk fan and a breakfast tray amongst other useful items stored in one wardrobe here. 




Opposite these bedrooms is the FAMILY BATHROOM, the door opening outwards, flat against the wall to allow wheelchair access if required. The standard toilet can be fitted with a raised seat with handles if required.  The handbasin is set into a cabinet.  The bath has a door to step in through and a seat which lowers electrically into the bath.  A separate electric shower also operates into the bath.  

Hot water is supplied on demand with the combi boiler.




The GARDEN BEDROOM is our recently extensively HomefieldGardenroomextended room. 

It has a head and foot adjustable single bed, from where the occupant can look into the rear garden. 

Our Samsoft maxi mobile electric hoist is removed and stored when not required, as are the many extras we are able to provide.

Access to the garden is via a metre wide door onto the patio, fitted with a voile curtain for privacy, but easily put aside for access or to view the busy bird feeding station from the bed.  There is a low level wardrobe and plenty of drawer space.  A flat screened remote controlled TV and DVD is wall-mounted and along side the bed is a touch control lamp.  To ensure as much versatility as possible, there is a 2 seater sofa bed in the room as well.








HomefieldwetroomThe luxury EN SUITE WET-ROOM is fully fitted for our less able guests and with carers in mind, the roll in shower having retractable shower screens and curtains with safety flooring throughout.

A high level toilet, large accessible hand-basin with all hand rails and a mirror are fitted.  The shower seat/commode is removed when not required. 

A trolley with baskets enables easy access of toiletries.  

Extra towels are provided.


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